Homemade pappardelle

If you have ever been to Italy then you would have tasted the joys of fresh, homemade pasta. I rarely ever make pasta, but on a special occasion I do as it really elevates the dish. Good news is..... it is not that hard to make! I used a pasta machine but you can use … Continue reading Homemade pappardelle


Slow cooked brisket ragu 

I love Italian food, especially when I go to a great pasta place which serves homemade pasta with amazing sauces and ragu. I follow @padellapasta on Instagram (I advise you do too) and they make the most mouthwatering pasta dishes. I am yet to visit but it is on my asap list so next time … Continue reading Slow cooked brisket ragu 

Raspberry Friands

Happy Australia Day everyone! I have been fortunate enough to visit this beautiful country 3 years ago and am planning to go back and explore some more. Friands are small almond cakes very popular in Australia. They are light and airy as well as being deliciously moist - perfect for eating in the Australian sun … Continue reading Raspberry Friands


Purple Velvet Balckberry Cupcakes

Blackberries (also known as brambles) are true winter fruits. In late September we like to go blackberry and sloe picking in the hedgerows. This is the best way of getting blackberries however you can find them in most supermarkets.  The perfect fall-to recipe would be an apple and blackberry crumble but there are many more … Continue reading Purple Velvet Balckberry Cupcakes


Middle Eastern Meze – Part 2 

Happy New Year! One of my resolutions is to post a lot more frequently and not to let life get in the way of this blog, so apologies for the mega delay of part 2! Part two features two mouthwatering vegetarian dishes, that will convert even the most carnivorous people. I am not a massive … Continue reading Middle Eastern Meze – Part 2