Homemade pappardelle

If you have ever been to Italy then you would have tasted the joys of fresh, homemade pasta. I rarely ever make pasta, but on a special occasion I do as it really elevates the dish. Good news is….. it is not that hard to make! I used a pasta machine but you can use a rolling pin!


For X number of people people (very large portions!)

  • X x 100g pasta flour
  • X eggs

Combine the flour and eggs together to form a paste. Work/knead this paste for about 10 minutes, on a surface dusted with pasta flour, to work the gluten, until the dough is springy and smooth. Wrap in cling film and chill for 30 minutes.

Now time to roll out. Either with a rolling pin or with a pasta machine. I start on a wide setting, working down to the thinnest setting to produce a pasta sheet that you can vertically see through. This is a fresh lasagna sheet! To make pappardelle either cut into strips with a knife or use the pappardelle setting on your pasta machine.

If you are cooking the pasta immediately, cook in a large pan of salted, boiling water for around 6 minutes. If not, let the pasta dry on a tray, dusted with plenty of pasta flour. You can store the pasta in the fridge for a couple of days loosely wrapped in cling film.

Serve with your favourite pasta sauce! I love it with a slow cooked beef brisket ragu (stay tuned for my next blog post with it in!)

Enjoy! Jessa x


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