Crodough (the British Cronut)

I have a slight obsession with creme eggs (if you are not from the UK they are chocolate eggs with a sweet fondant filling and are delicious) and every time Creme Egg season comes about (yes, there is a “season”) I stock up and gorge myself.

Last year I saw an article on London Timeout, describing a place called Rinkoff Bakery, in the heart of Whitechappel; the only place that sold the British equivilant of the Cronut (they called it the Crodough) and best of all the sold a crème egg flavour. Immediate I was hook, line and sinker. I had to go. At the time they were the only place in the capital selling the crodough. Even the more reason to go!

On their website you can pre-order treats for collection. So I went off and preordered one Creme egg croughdough and the following day, I left for work extremely early and took the 1 hour roundtrip from City Thameslink to Whitechapel. (FYI it was totally worth it!)

Typical me, I got a little lost finding the bakery but I was kindly aided by two friendly locals who pointed me down a little side alley.

Upon entering the small, characterful bakery I noticed a massive array of different flavoured crodoughs. I couldnt help myself and decided to get 3 more – this seemed appropriate as it was “Friday” (the Thursday before Good Friday – aka the fake Friday treat).


From top left to bottom right: pistachio, oreo cheesecake, lemon drizzle and crème egg. They tasted as good as they looked and was worth every inch they added to my hips.

Check out the Rinkoff Bakery site and their bakery in Whitechapel, you will not regret it (they now sell rainbow bagels)!

Happy gorging, Jessa.


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