Trio of Ravioli

I love Italian food and there is nothing better than a really good homemade pasta dish. I recently went to Padella with my friend (after it being on the wish list for about a year) and it was the most amazing pasta I have tasted outside of Italy – well worth the queue. If you would like to read my review of Padella click here (coming soon!!)!

Inspired by the fresh pastas of Padella, I thought I would up the anti on my pasta making skills and take a whirl at ravioli. Ravioli are prefect vehicles for a multitude of flavours and combinations. The endless possibilities were reeling off in my head. I eventually settled on 3 fillings: spinach and ricotta (aka the classic), roasted vegetables and goats cheese and tomato and mascarpone (I have actually decided that mozzarella may be a better combination!).

!Warning! This recipe features 5 different types of cheese (minimum 4), so if you are not a cheese lover, stay clear!!!


Pasta recipe – see here and use 200g flour for ravioli for 2.


Around 6 cubes frozen spinach
1/2 tub of ricotta
Fresh nutmeg
Parmensan / parmigiano
1/3 jar of sundried tomatoes
1/4 tub of marscapone or 1 ball mozzarella
1/2 packet of goats cheese
1 cup of roasted veg – aubergines, courgettes and peppers
Salt and pepper
Butter and a few sage leaves
Abeaten egg


To make the spinach and ricotta filling – cook the spinach balls (either by steaming or pan frying) and then, using a tea towel or j-cloth, squeeze out the excess liquid. Combine this with the ricotta and season with salt, pepper, nutmeg and some grated parmesan/parmigiano  to taste.

For the sundried tomato filling – blend the sundried tomatoes with some of the oil in the jar and water to make a paste. Combine this with the mascarpone or mozzarella and season with salt and pepper to taste.

For the roasted veg filling – if the veg are in large chunks, dice them further so they are in small pieces. Combine with the goats cheese and season with pepper.

Now, once the fillings have been made, it is time to assemble the ravioli. With the homemade pasta, you want to make thin sheets with your pasta machine, ideally each of equal size. I use a biscuit cutter to cut out my ravioli. Use the cutter to carefully mark the edges of the ravioli on the pasta sheet. Then, spoon small amounts of filling in these areas, leaving about an inch around the edge.

Brush the edges with the beaten egg and place another layer of pasta on top – creating a sandwich.  Run your fingers along the parcel edges to seal them up – making sure you push out the air. Then use the biscuit cutter to cut out the ravioli. Repeat this process until you have used up all of the pasta/filling.

The pasta should take about 5 minutes to cook in salted boiling water. Whilst it is cooking, you can make the sage butter (a must have topping for ravioli). Melt the butter in a small pan with the sage leaves. Bubble for a few minutes and then turn off to let the sage infuse into the liquid.


Now it is time to plate up your ravioli! Serve with lashing of sage butter and pecorino to finish!

Enjoy. Jessa x







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