London Food Month – Part 1 – Noshville

Working in the world of food, it was hard not to hear about the Evening Standard’s London Food Month . During the month, experience a bustling outdoor Night Market and over 400  foodie events across London. From high-end dinners to free events – check out what is one at their website.

Due to a very busy working month, including preparing for Christmas – (I know I know preparing Christmas in June but that’s what happens in retail! ) – and going on holiday, I have only been able to attend two of the events. None the less, these two events were winners.

Noshville – @Kerb

Kerb is the street food market that is found next to the fabulous Camden market (if you have never been I would highly recommend). At the start of the month, Kerb put on an evening event at Granary Square with around a dozen eateries, bars and live music. Noshville was showcasing the best of American food Kerb has to offer.

The most difficult decision about the evening was what to eat: blackbear burger nearly lured me in with their juicy and rammed all American burger. Other side of fried was also there with their menu of delight including their chicken burger smothered in honey butter – I have ear-marked them and will be paying them a visit soon.

I, however, settled for two American delights: mac and cheese and doughnuts.

First up was Anna Maes mac n cheese (@mac_not_crack). I was yet to try mac and cheese apart from the dodgy ones that used to feature in school dinners (that probably came out of a tin!) so it was on my bucket list and I couldn’t resist. It was a tough choice from the menu but I opted for the crispy bacon and basil oil one aka the don macaroni. The saltiness of the bacon and the fresh and zingy-ness of the basil perfectly compliments the mustardy cheese sauce of the densely filling macaroni. Find Ana Mae’s at some London food events or at festivals around the UK. More info.

Next up, I decided to opt for something sweet as my ‘savoury stomach’ was full but of course I had room in my ‘sweet stomach’. I saw Vickys doughnuts and headed straight over! With apple pie, lemon drizzle, snickers, the homer, variety was not the spice of life in this instance and it was so hard to pick! I opted for the pecan and maple doughnut. It was very very good and just the right balance of sweet maple, nutty pecan with the fluffy dough. I was content with my choice!

Watch out for my part 2 post on the night market.

Jessa x


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