London Food Month – Part 2 – London Night Market 

Part 2 of my #londonfoodmonth event extravaganza – the night market.

If you don’t know, I work in retail and that comes with some fabulous foodie perks including free tickets to events. This was one of them (but I would definitely pay to go!).

There were so many eateries to choose from, you need a whole week to work your way through the delights on offer (rather than just an evening!). For me the choice came down to three places and it was very much a savoury affair.

Mews of Mayfair

Getting fancy food for a fraction of the price is a good enough excuse to choose to come here! Mews of Mayfair is an exclusive restaurant and bar in the centre of Mayfair – not somewhere I would naturally go to because of the price tag (but this is what makes events like this great – great food for a fraction of the price!). I ate a truffle burger with truffle Brie in a charcoal bun and I have to say it was my favourite thing at the event. I died and went to burger heaven. I concluded that if I could only live off these burgers for the rest of my life, I would be perfectly content!

Rainbo Gyoza Dumplings

Next was Rainbo foods. Dumplings are probably one of my favourite foods in the world, so when we noticed that there was a dumpling stool at the market, we took a b-line! You could buy 5 or 8 gyozas dressed with Asian slaw, coriander, chillies, soy sauce, sesame seeds and peanuts. There were three flavours to choose from: chicken and miso, pork and Chinese chive and tofu and shiitake mushrooms – best of all you could mix and match your gyozas!! We had 2 pork, 2 chicken and 1 tofu. I love gyozas with their crispy bottoms and lightly steamed tops. I truly believe that anything can be made better by putting it into a dumpling! These just hit the jackpot and were a flavoursome mid burger snack!
Other Side of Fried

Last up was Other side of fried. Now, I have to say, my college was thoroughly disappointed when she had here first other side of fried at Noshville. So when I saw them at this event I just had to form my own opinion and give them a try. I opted for the honey butter burger with bacon (which in my opinion sounds amazing!). I have to say that me and my college may have to have a falling out because I absolutely loved it! Honey butter is the most perfect compliment to bacon and fried chicken.

Check out other events at London food month here. And check out my other post about London food month part 1 here.

Jessa x


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